Introducing Nexans Canadex® 2.0 NMD90. The first cable of its kind. The last you’ll ever need. Bringing an unmatched, unprecedented level of speed, convenience and precision to your installations. Time is on your side, starting now.

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Cables Haven't Seen This
Level of Innovation in Decades.

Added Instaglide® Lubricant for faster installations

Proven by third-party researchers to require 30 per cent less effort to pull. Added Instaglide® lubricant makes your rough-ins smoother than ever before. Any obstacle, any maneuver and any deadline just met its match.

New easy-lifting handles for convenience

Pick up your pace, while staying safe and comfortable. Gone are the days of using a tool for a spool handle or grabbing cold, sharp aluminum every morning. Take hold of the cable designed to make electrician’s lives easier from the ground up.

Built-in metre markings to reduce waste

Eliminate the need to measure with your arms and get complete control over your cutting. Because waste that piles, eats up your profits. And on your job sites – there’s no room for error.

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